Second day:Our day began with a full fledged thunderstorm. We all waited for over an hour as the trenches filled with water and lightening lit up the sky. When it stopped, we opened up the ends of the trenches to let them drain. We set up the tubing for water distribution while waiting on the well driller to begin. We hoped to finish up the tubing that will bring the water to the front of people’s homes over the next few days.

The well driller hit water at 175 feet but they had to go deeper so there is ample water for the community. Drilling will continue over the next few days. Then it will be time to install the casing in the ground, build a platform, install a tank and pumps.

Community effort continued with joy. Men and women from the community joined us in shoveling. A plumber from the community donated his time to the project. Even the children were eager to help. They asked lots of questions! Dominican hospitality continued with coffee, lunch and refreshing cold drinks for all! We are pleased with the progress that this project is making and look forward to its completion in the next week!

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