When poverty is prevalent in a community, it is a worthy move to go and make a difference for the families living in that community.  This statement is exactly the reason that Every Day Hope’s Livestock for Life program was created.  The goal is to improve the financial lives of community members by working a small business from their homes in order to provide for the wellbeing of their families.  If they follow the guidelines of the program, they will be equipped to raise livestock for their families for life.

Every Day Hope opened it’s third Livestock for Life program in the community of Santa Rosa.  This countryside community is approximately thirty minutes out of the center of Santo Domingo. 

Every Day Hope launched the program with eight families, with the hope of adding more families in the months to come.  All eight participates went through all the required training. They have an area of their own to raise the livestock that was given to them.

Every Day Hope plans to continue opening multiple programs in the future to make a difference in the lives of the people of the Dominican Republic.

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