Over the past several years, I have been wanting to use my skills, knowledge and talents in order to help others within developing countries in hopes that they would be able to grow in their knowledge as well. That’s when I began to speak with Jim and Renee Larson from Every Day Hope about this idea and presented them with the possibility of taking my 20 years of law enforcement experience and attempting to provide training for the National Police within the Dominican Republic.

In June 2017, we launched LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) training and were able to present topics such as ethics and stress management to police and first responders within the Dominican Republic. With not knowing what to expect, due to a lot of unknowns such as knowing how well the training would be received or what kind of training in particular that they would need, my expectations were not set real high. Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was going to be a great trip and that we would definitely learn a lot from them, even though that wasn’t the primary focus. I was kind of viewing that trip as an exploratory trip in order to learn how to make the LEO trips in the future better, not only for the National Police but for us, the givers as well, so that we could maximize our time and give them the most information as possible.

With the continuous hard work provided by Jim Larson and Gregorix Polanco Estevez from Every Day Hope and the contacts they were able to make within the National Police, we were given the opportunity to present additional LEO training opportunities to the National Police in February 2018.

I will admit, I have a tendency to set my expectations a little high sometimes. But let me tell you something, Every Day Hope rocked this thing! That trip well exceeded my expectations! We were able to teach Ethics, Officer Awareness and Gang Awareness to not only the guy and gals who beat the streets everyday as a law enforcement officer, but to their trainers and supervisors as well. There were some incredible doors that opened up for us to continue to teach within their academy on a regular basis. The training was so well received. That simply blew my mind.

If you are looking to get outside of your comfort zone and step out in order to help others by utilizing your skills and gifts within a humanitarian way, I would strongly suggest and urge you to reach out to Jim and Renee Larson with Every Day Hope. They are absolutely incredible people doing incredibly good stuff within the Dominican Republic.

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